… Because it is okay to be imperfect!

After my “off and on” stint in Mumbai for about 9 years, I finally decided to call it quits. It has been almost 45 days since I have been at home and am trying my best to settle down for domesticity. I have been striving to make my house into a home … From trivialities such as searching for a foldable shoe-rack to struggling with the suppliers of gas-pipe connections, I have done it all!! It has certainly been daunting and at times I did breakdown out of sheer frustration and exhaustion. The sluggishness with which people approach their work made me (at times) scream my lungs out. After all, expecting a certain degree of professionalism is not trying to reach for the moon! Apparently it is …

My initial 10 days gave me hell and I found myself entering into a screaming match with every single person around me … From the guy who installed the WiFi connection to the guy who came to install the security camera. It was only after I suffered my first breakdown, did I realise that the manner in which I had approached this process was flawed. The process should have given me immense joy and I should have learnt from every single interaction I had, be it with plumber or an electrician. Instead, I had approached it as a transaction with an unreasonably crunched timeline (well … when have transitions been reasonable with their timelines) and it was this attitude which had killed the joy of beautifying my house. I hadn’t befriended my neighbours and my trips to the market were extremely focused and more often than not exasperating. It all seemed like a competition to me in which I had to defeat myself to emerge a winner. It was then that I received this amazing whats app text from the most amazing person I know … My younger sister who is way older to me when it comes to being nature had written … “Baby, all the best with the process of settling down … Don’t attack it like you attacked your exam. Enjoy it and learn from it. Keep your angry and competitive self aside”. Such a simple message changed the way I looked at homemaking. On the 11th day when I found myself getting irked with my domestic help over some trivial issue, did I remember her text!!! It is okay to not be perfect at all times … It is okay to serve wine in champagne glasses and vice versa … It is okay to be imperfect. If the color of your wall doesn’t match the color of your carpet, don’t fret … IT’S OKAY!!!

With time … I started loving my house for what it is … For the sheer comfort it gave me; for the space it offered; the fact that I could spot peacocks from my balcony gave me immense joy. Being in Delhi and yet not being like Delhi is its best feature. Security of calling 4 walls your home made me peaceful from within. Today … 45 days later, I can proudly say … I might not have the most perfect house with the best possible furnishings, yet, I love it for being mine … I love it with all its imperfections and I love it for what it means to me!!!

My house is my home; it is not a museum … And homes look the best when they have been lived in!!!!

With love … Sugarsatchet




  1. Congrats Henaa!!! Finally you are settling down, great efforts are always rewarded and giving lots of confidence, hope and experience of reality of life, once again congrats for making house into home!!!!


  2. I believe that you cannot love perfection, maybe admire it and aspire for it. Love comes from the little imperfections, the cracks that make you smile, feel silly and feel human. Turning a house into a home is a labour of love, try to love the labour..

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