Cinderella 2.0

Before the sudden and unexpected death of her mother, spring never left their home. Fragrance of freshly baked cakes and the music of laughter made Cinderella fall deeper in love with her home with each passing day. Life was glorious and she revelled in its glory and charm. A delightful child with twinkling eyes, smile never left Cinderella’s pink pout … Little did she know that one day it would all come to an abrupt halt.
Life can be cruel and destiny often plays funny games. Her mother’s prolonged illness followed by a painful death transformed Cinderella overnight. She grew from being a chirpy and carefree girl of ten to a woman who was a mute spectator to her father’s dying spark and love for life. Spring had finally ended and in its place, had arrived bitter cold and overcast skies. The waves of warmth no longer washed their house … They had eventually broken against the dense shore. For how long can happiness last anyway? Eternal happiness was mythical and to aspire for it was chimerical.
She could sense her father’s loneliness. She knew that the demise of her mother had devastated her father and no matter how hard she tried, Cinderella could never convince her father to solicit company of other women. She loved her mother dearly and the thought of having a step-mother made her shudder with apprehension but she also knew that companionship was essential to lead a happy life … And Cinderella wanted her father to be happy. He had been unhappy for far too long and had it not been for his daughter, he would have hastened the arrival of the otherwise slow and painful end.
She helplessly saw his increasing silence and withdrawal for six long years …
A lovely girl of sixteen, Cinderella was far too mature for her age. She looked at boys of her with disdain and almost always sought the company of those who were older to her. Girls her age were superficial and boys her age were perpetually riding high on hormones. She knew that her “Prince Charming” would probably be of King’s age and that she would not run into him on one those prom nights where dolled up girls and suit & tie boys usually left their Facebook ids and bb pins behind for circulation. Cinderella was different … She was searching for companionship for her father and intellectually engaging and stimulating partner for herself.
Her mother’s death had brought her closer to literature. Books became her best friends and pen became her companion. With ink flowed her love for the written word and she was determined to pen down her “Gone with the Wind” in which Scarlett marries Ashley … Cinderella was a sucker for happy endings for she knew that they were as fictitious as characters in her stories but gave people a reason to smile and smiling had become an art forgone!!
Her winter break ended with the beginning of her relationship with Miss Lucy, a young widow with a fourteen year old daughter had joined Cinderella’s school as a librarian. Miss Lucy had lost her husband in a car accident when she was just twenty five. After his unfortunate death, her five year old daughter was the only living person whom Miss Lucy could call her own in this big bad world of seven billion people.
Among other things, Miss Lucy and Cinderella shared their love for books and coffee. Along with her fourteen year old daughter, Miss Lucy and Cinderella became a happy trio. Life had once again given Cinderella a reason to smile which she desired to share with her father.
A clear morning of Saturday in March brought with itself the perfect opportunity for her to invite Miss Lucy and her daughter over to her house for lunch. Cinderella’s father had eschewed his work in favour of his favourite book and Cinderella didn’t want this opportunity wasted. Conjuring the best possible lunch of roasted duckling, mashed potatoes, boiled peas and freshly baked bread, Cinderella waited patiently for her guests to arrive. She had deliberately withheld this from her father for she knew her father’s inherent and instantaneous resistance to meeting potential partners. But this time she was determined … She and her father needed a home … She wanted her home back and she knew that the stories of horrid step-mothers were a thing of past. Gone were the days when step-mothers and step-sisters were villainous.
As luck would have it … this Cinderella managed to arrange her father’s wedding after much persuasion. Simple, elegant ceremony in a church in which Cinderella and Miss Lucy’s daughter became the bridesmaids and her father’s best friend became his bestman. Cinderella couldn’t stop smiling and once again sunshine danced on her pink pout. She had fought hard to have her home back and finally after 7 years she managed to light up her world again. Her home was that she ever wanted it to be … Deliriously Delightful!! This time our Cinderella got herself a step-mother and a step-sister whom she loved dearly and who loved her back … This time our Cinderella didn’t need a fairy godmother to rescue her from the brutalities of life … Our Cinderella fought them all herself and became her own fairy godmother. She knew her Prince Charming would arrive at a time when she will be ready to welcome him and he wouldn’t have to identify her with a lost shoe … He would love her for her heart and mind and not for something as transient as her beauty.
For now our Cinderella was happy to have her home back … A home which she had won after struggling with homelessness for ages!!

With love … Sugarsatchet!!



  1. Yes … This Cinderella doesnt need anyone … “The word “Cinderella” has, by analogy, come to mean one whose attributes were unrecognized, or one who unexpectedly achieves recognition or success after a period of obscurity and neglect” … Our Cinderella doesnt require anyone else to recognize her own talents!


  2. A refreshing twist to an old tale – seeking out the step mother is a result of taking her destiny in her own hands, become her own fairy godmother. An example of being the miracle. Lovely and in tune with today.

    Liked by 1 person

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