Wars; Humans & Porridge …

We have been in a state of war ever since our appearance on earth and to believe otherwise is nothing short of self-deception. Man has been in a state of war because war has been and continues to be a way of life for him. Civilizations have been born out of it and they have been destroyed as a result of it. So for once, let us just accept it that we use war to thrive and “peace and prosperity” is as far-fetched as entertaining the possibility that Islam and Christianity will ever be friends. It is not the presence of war that worries me … It is the absence of it. Human race has sustained for this long because it has fought … It has fought other species; weather conditions; gods; demons and more often than not its own kind to survive. And survived it has!! However, there have been times when I have questioned why did we survive? Why couldn’t more powerful specie overtake us or why couldn’t we just be overtaken by the aliens? Why has the war-mongering; blood thirsty; diabolical race survived and not just survived … It has thrived. Well, if there is any God, She is certainly sleeping … She was indeed high when she made us and I guess she hasn’t come back to Her senses yet. It has been a rough run for all of us. We have witnessed the end and the beginning of the bloodiest centuries ever. We have been our worst selves and nobody has paid any attention to the innumerable warnings of a drastic climatic disaster which we are just waiting to encounter. But we have survived and we continue to multiply. Well … After spending nights wondering what is that we in us that has made us last for over 5000 years … I came to the conclusion (and I could be wrong) that we as a race is the porridge which is neither too hot and nor too cold … We were just right for this planet and no one but us could have survived the way we have.




  1. its like baby bear’s porridge which gets eaten by goldilocks… so ultimately you have proved that we all are goldilocks. who just loves to take things that were not her’s.. without permission or without giving a thought…


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