Character Sketch Series …

Meeting people is a way of life. However, the level and the intensity of our interaction is dependant upon our proximity we share with those we meet. At times, the context in which we meet determines the manner of our engagement. Sometimes, it is the purpose of our meeting which lends definition to our conversations. What we take for granted are pleasantries and civility in the conduct. We rarely pay attention to who they are as people or what are their habits and mannerisms indicative of. We lack motivation to go beyond the obvious and in this process miss out on genuinely meeting some really wonderful people. Conversely, we can choose to look at our transactional interactions as a way to escape meeting the devious dubious ones. But then what is life without blunders, heartaches and sores.

I have had the opportunity to meet and befriend some really fun people. Given their versatility and madness (I use the term madness because personally speaking I love mad people) it will be really selfish of me to restrict their introduction only to myself. As a gesture towards “know your world” … I have started “Character Sketch Series” in which every week I shall write about one person I know. I will obliterate details such name, age, place of stay etc. because it is not fair to divulge information which can make them easily traceable. I shall also not dwelve much into the facts about their lives … Once again, I want to respect their privacy. But without getting into dry facts, I shall talk about them as people … Unlayer and uncloak how they are. Their mannerisms, their likes, their dislikes, the way they dress, what they do for a living, their aspirations etc. etc.

This exercise will help me get closer to them in terms of knowing them and shall let you know of their existence. There will be some with whom you shall be able to identify with; then again you might detest some given your sensibilities and stands … The idea is to talk about people!! People who are heros of their owen lives … People, you otherwise didnt know exist … People, you might want to be friends with …

This series is about people … Because no matter where you go, you will run into some!!

With love … Sugarsatchet



  1. Very Intriguing Blogs, these will be. But you too are a Blogger on this Site, how will you write about people whom you just know to be your Fan following or someone you follow ?
    Anyways, waiting for interesting write-ups from You.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww Cattie!!! (Cat is my favourite pet … I have a Persian and she is the most adorable thing in world) … I interact with people on multiple fora. I can write about you after we chat for a bit (you are on my radar anyway … lol) … The whole idea is why should only I have the privilege of knowing how amazing a person you are? It’s about sharing people … Because in the end save experiences most things perish away. Stay glued my Persian


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