Donald Trump is Bad News. Bad News is NOT the end of the World.

Ever since the victory of Donald Trump the world has been more unsettled than I have ever witnessed it. Donald Trump is nothing but bad news. Agreed. Acknowledged. Acquiesced.
I am an Indian who has absolutely no plans of migrating to America. I’ve never had any. For reasons of my own, I have always found Europe far more enticing than America. Thus, America for me has always been the superpower that calls the shots and sets the pulse of world events. Given the status it has enjoyed over the years, one cannot be oblivious to what happens in America. After all, no other nation has proclaimed to be the greatest with such obstinacy and vehemence. Neither has any other nation displayed such unflinching obsession with democracy as America has. America has destroyed other nations just to prove a point. No other country can has been so ideologically fundamentalist than America. Democracy was always seen as “Caesar’s wife”. However, on November 09, 2016 … Democracy was no longer above suspicion. What happened shocked the world. Democracy had taken America down. It was the day when the invincible had to bow down before misogyny, racism and class consciousness. It was the day when the holier than thou democracy was questioned.

I, too, could not remain untouched and unaffected by what had happened. It seemed like the Tsunami of 2004, albeit with impact which could have far reaching consequences. It suddenly felt grey and the atmosphere did turn one of mourning. But then for how long can one mourn the death of sanity? To accept is okay, to resign is not and while I can fully relate to the emotions of despondency and despair, what I cannot resonate with is the feeling of impending doomsday. Collectively a lot can be accomplished despite Donald Trump. Tabloids are spreading fear and the paranoia emboldens the miniscule white majority to indulge in hate crimes. Prior to the elections, Donald Trump, the Billionaire Republican was the flavour of the month. It was his verbal diarrhoea and his politics of incitement and indictment which made him win the elections. Post elections, when the non-voting apparently Democrat supporting American population woke up from its slumber and realized the folly of its action or inaction, as the case may be, it was too late to change the outcome. However, there is only so much the world in general and the country in particular can mope.

If an average American decides to defeat Donald Trump despite his victory, he can start by:

  • Shunning misogyny!

Treat your woman with equality. Women are not commodities and to objectify them is to undermine their existence of approximately 50% of the human population. Any person who does not believe in gender equality in an all encompassing manner should not be allowed to occupy one of the most powerful chair in the world. Donald Trump has time and again spoken of grabbing women without their consent. A simple locker room talk gives an insight into the person he/she is.


If Trump is not your President, then Dignity of Women Matters!

  • Love your neighbour despite his color!

Pick clothes and not neighbours on the basis of color. White looks the best in summers and black is becoming in winters and that is where it must all end. Your neighbour and your neighbourhood must be determined by factors other than the color of people occupying it.

If Trump is not your President, then for you Black Lives Matter!

  • Consider Climate Change a Reality!

Climate change is a reality. You do not inherit the earth from your ancestors, you borrow it from your children. Let us preserve what we are left with. Let us ditch plastic in favour of recycled paper … Let us ditch petrol driven cars in favour of battery driven automobiles … Let us ditch air conditioners in favour of fans.

If Trump is not your President, then Climate Change Matters!

  • Refugees are not Rodents … Do not shun them

Don’t participate in the witch hunt of the refugees. Encourage your children to do the same. Alex is a young boy of 6 who offered his home to a syrian child. It is the existence of children like Alex who restore faith in humanity. Countries people of which we refuse to accept were bombed by us in order to take control of their resources. To shun them is to painfully make them aware of how insignificant their lives are.

If Trump is not your President then Refugees’ Lives’ Matter!

  • Immigrants are not Intruders

Immigrants do not snatch your jobs away. Immigrants enter to ensure greater profit margins for corporations. To let immigrants in is to create competition and augment efficiency. Indians, Chinese, Mexicans are not drug peddlers … They are there to oil the wheels of an economy natives of which have been promised old age pensions.

If Trump is not your President then don’t let his policies decide how you will treat the immigrants. Immigrants Matter!

  • Dis-able does not mean disposable

Some of us are blessed, while some are not. Being physically and mentally disabled does not mean being dispensable. Do not mock those who in your opinion do not “fit into” the image of a perfect human being. Human lives matter and need to be treated with utmost respect.

If Trump is not your President then don’t participate in body shaming … The Disable Matter!

  • Sexuality is personal, just as eating habits are

People with alternate sexual preferences are not freaks. To consider them an aberration is to demean their existence. What pizza is to you, rice is to me … What penis it to you, vagina is to me. Accept it and move on.


If Trump is not your President, then do not be insensitive towards those who are different from you … LGBTs Matter!

Trump is not an individual … Trump is an ideology which can be defeated by every single American. The elections take place once in every 4 years and the Trumps of the world will try to win by spreading fear. Let that fear not paralyse your sense of discretion … Be your own knight in shining armour and save your sanity from falling prey to unfounded baseless phobias. Terror exists but in your head, the blacks seem black but only to your eyes, the immigrants stole jobs which the whiteman considered below his dignity, the woman couldn’t carry the child because she was just 13, the ostrich couldn’t see the climate change and the good fences never made good neighbours. The day the Americans open their eyes to the possibility of a reality sans Trump-ism … Trump will lose the elections and November 09, 2016 will be just go down as another day in the American history.

A Hopeful Sugarsatchet!!




      1. I am keeping my fingers crossed. There is so much upheaval … Just so much madness. Where will it all end? Thanks to social media … One can at least draw solace from the virtual world


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