Love sated her soul; Fruit sated his hunger


He had been without food for almost 6 days. The war ravaged country was only left with dead bodies and rodents. They had bombed every inch of his city. Ibrahim had somehow managed to survive behind a pile of human bodies. They hadnt managed to spot him … The soldiers in blue. He had spent 6 days with the stench of death and human blood and after 6 days of starvation he could hear the growl of his intestines. It was then he was forced to emerge from the pile of human bodies which had engulfed him to keep him safe. Ibrahim looked around to search for something edible but apart from utter devastation nothing else could be seen.

Ibrahim limped a few steps when suddenly he was compelled to crouch due to the sudden pain in his left leg. He couldnt continue walking and fell down on the muddy – bloody ground. He could feel his end was near and he swore to himself that upon meeting God, he will tell Him all that happened to his country. He wanted to confide in God and ask Him to punish the destroyers of his beautiful city. With thoughts of reprimanding the rambunctious soldiers, Ibrahim closed his eyes. “Are you alive? You boy?” … An old wrinkled woman bent down to look at him. Ibrahim opened his eyes and saw an old lady staring at him. “Come with me. Can you walk?” … Looking at her with skepticism, Ibrahim, forced himself to get up only to be defeated by his leg again. He looked at that old woman silently … “You are hurt it seems“. “Kari … Here. Come here. We have a survivor“. Kari, a young American NGO worker in her dusty orange pants came running to the old lady. “Yes Ms. Smith” … “Well we have a survivor. It seems he is too shocked to talk. Give him some water and something to eat”. “Yes. Ms. Smith” … Kari ran to her van to get a bottle of water, a fruit and some chocolate. She offered it all to the trembling confused Ibrahim who kept staring at the duo. His resistance to accept what Kari was offering could easily reach the women standing in front of him.

Kari bent down to offer him water. She took his dusty head on her knee and hugged him tightly. With her embrace flowed her emotions of love, sympathy and sadness. She was sad because she knew exactly what the child had gone through. She knew she will never be able to erase his pain but holding him tight, she Sated her empty soul. Kari had lost her son in this madness of war … A son whom she loved more than she loved herself. She was devastated when Prophet had died.

Ibrahim, after his initial stiffness, did yield to Kari’s embrace. He hugged her and accepted what she offered him. Clean drinking water never tasted so delicious … The fruit never tasted sweeter and the chocolate never tastier. The love in Kari’s embrace and some food Sated Ibrahim’s hunger.

Lets hope for every Kari there is Ibrahim and for every Ibrahim there is Kari …

A Forlorn Sugarsatchet!




    1. Dearest Anne … I have felt unwanted all my life and continue to feel so. The feeling runs so deep that I can never ever make anyone feel that way. I celebrate love, people, life, dreams in every way possible. I celebrate our friendship over this blog with as much enthusiasm as I celebrate myour favourite coffee with a book on a rainy day. Never feel unwanted in my life. You are welcome in my world. Lots of love

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      1. Your words are very welcoming Sugarsatchet, why don’t you write them in your About in reference to all who visit you and also allow for likes.

        You do indeed have a heart of Love that needs to be expressed with others too. Please be assured that you have my Love and Friendship now and always will, so welcome others as you have done with me and your life and heart will be very full but if someone doesn’t respond back, it will show their lack not yours.

        Love and Blessings -Anne.

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      2. Dear Anne … You are very kind. I so wish this world had more people like you who can offer love and friendship to a person they have met over social media. Social media should have countries of its own where the only criterion of citizenship is the ability to love without being prejudiced. Sending you love and healing vibes


    1. Thanks Mariam. Every single time, I see those kids … I feel helpless. Wish we could do something for them. I am grateful to you for sparing some time to read my blog post.


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