I am “Maha-Punjabi”


Cultural clash in a typical Indian family is not a rare phenomenon. India has always been a multi-cultural society and people have often prided themselves for its cultural richness. However, what happens when a strong headed North Indian girl who is a quintessential punjabi gets married to a guy who never left the borders of Maharashtra till the time got commissioned into the Indian Army.

July 14, 2008 … I opened my eyes in Pune which till then was a poor relative of Mumbai. A city with a glorious past and a promising future was my present and I had to embrace it in every sense of the word. From Maharashtrian cuisine comprising of Pooran-poli, dal, bhaat, amti, batate chi bhaji, pori, sheera to a language which was alien to me … I was witnessing what is known as a typical Puneri brahmanical Culture in its rawest form. Till July 13, 2008 I was in Delhi where people converse mostly either in Hinglish or Punjabi, eat tandoori chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner and talk about property prices with as much passion as their relatives settled in”kaneda” (Canada).

Life had changed and how!! Its been 8 years since then … 8 years of constant assimilation and amalgamation of two diametrically opposite Cultures, 8 years of fluent Marathi juxtaposed with English, Hindi, Punjabi and peppered with Gujarati … 8 years of enjoying Kolhapuri Chicken with Aaloo Parantha … 8 years of wearing silk sarees with punjabi juttis … 8 years reading about Delhi in “Sakal Times”, a Marathi newspaper and 8 years of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with Lohri ..!! Life has been good in parts but it feels rich to belong to so many Cultures …

Culturally Enriched Sugarstachet!!



      1. Thats alright. You can always visit Pune over weekends. Its just about 2 hours drive from the Madness Personified Mumbai!! Till about a month ago even I used to live in Mumbai.


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