My Mango Dolly

6a00d8341c570653ef00e54f0bc7058833-800wiFor most Indians “Mango Dolly” is a memory which sweetened their childhood. Lovely yellow mango ice-cream … A block of sweetened vanilla wrapped in the blanket of mango flavour held together with a stick! Who didn’t like Mango Dolly? For most kids it was their reward for scoring well and for most adults it was a secret indulgence which they allowed themselves on their cheat days … Mango Dolly was an absolute favourite. Affordable, delicious, pretty and available … It was a poor man’s luxury, a common man’s weekly dessert and a rich man’s secret fondness for cheap desserts.

If there is one ice-cream which has seen mass appeal … it is Mango Dolly.

Unfortunately, with the coming of multiple ice-cream brands, Mango Dolly has lost its charm. It is no longer what it is used to be. With sugar-free, low-cal ice creams ruling the roost, Mango Dolly has been reduced to a memory. However, it is this memory that I chose to hold on to. The memory of a 5 year old hurriedly eating Mango Dolly lest someone takes it away from her … Just like most pleasant things in life, I wish my Mango Dolly had stayed with me. However, just like most pleasant things in life, it chose to leave me … From Mango Dolly to Mango Flavoured Sugar-Free Naturals Ice-Cream, I grew up.

Those who are reading this blog post must be wondering, exactly what I am talking about. Why am I talking about Mango Dolly when Brazil has just lost its football team, Indian Army lost its soldiers, Trump backstabbed India by calling up Nawaz Sharif and thanks to demonitization people have no money to buy food let along mango ice-cream? Why am I discussing Mango Dolly when half of this country has slipped into winters and the only reference of mango in such weather will be that of mango showers? Well … Those of you who are fans of the Harry Potter series must be aware of the “Dementors’ Kiss” and the only way to render it powerless. What helps us pull through bad times are happy memories … What helps us live through pain is the smile we once shared with our loved ones … What helps us resurrect when we are down in the dungeons, is the time we spent on the mountain top!! Memories help us pull through anything … Memories are the patronus we all have been equipped with … Memories have medicinal properties for they guard us against dejection and hopelessness. They help us stay afloat when misery tries to take us down …

2016, has been particularly dismal … It has been a year of bloodshed, bombings and blunders, shocks and setbacks, destruction and despondence … In such times, we all need our Mango Dolly Memory so that we can brush our backsides off to fight it all.

I for one have gone through a severe identity crisis … Have witnessed love denigrate into hatred (for me love and hate are the two sides of the same coin), failure falling to fault and losing everything I could possibly count on!! However, my Mango Dolly moments helped me survive!

I am not allowed to munch on Mango Dolly because of health reasons … But I know someday when the world within me will be right, I will once again “dive into” my Mango Dolly.

For those who are less fortunate than I am, don’t worry … Reminiscence in your past “Mango Dolly Moments” and work towards making such moments in the future.

For those who are over their Mango Dolly moments … Its time you make some more because don’t we all need more “Mango Dolly” in our life??

With love … Mango Flavoured Sugarsatchet




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