From Panoply of Paintings to Panoply of Guns


Daily Prompt: Panoply

Most boys his age collected toy guns for they all wanted to join the army. Uniforms impressed them and even more impressive were the guns they carried. Kaiser Wilhem II was their hero. They carried the panoply of his stories in their hearts … He was the greatest German emperor ever!!

Adolf Hitler, on the other hand, always wanted to paint. He wanted to carry the panoply of his paintings to the Academy of Fine Arts. He wanted to be like … Rudolf von Alt, his teacher. He wanted his life to be one huge canvas … A canvas which belonged to him on which he wanted to paint his masterpiece … His strokes, his colors, his impression!!

However, when has life been fair … More importantly, to whom has it been fair?? Rejected from the Academy of Fine Arts, when Hitler had no other means to fight his hunger, he had to pick up a gun. Hands which once held brushes now controlled weapons … Brushes led to strokes, triggers led to death … Riot of colors changed to riot of killings … panoply of paintings forgotten in the favour of panoply of Jewish skulls of thoughts …

panoply of thoughts … Sugarsatchet!



    1. Hi Ranu … Thanks for the compliment. Pursuit requires patience and persistence. However, there are occasions when despite both you fail and then you do whatever comes your way in order to survive. It’s basically his reaction to failure. I am glad you liked my post. Much love … Sugarsatchet


    1. yep. I agree. However, how you choose to express stems from your conditioning. Hitler had a very violent childhood. Not that I am defending him in any manner but then I can relate to him. Hence the post

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