And the detox continues …

Semblance of civilization after days in wilderness and wildness (yes … the hills belong to the cat family) is like fresh air hitting your face. I have been on a detox for last one week and it has proven to be one of the most liberating experiences of my life. Life without internet is great. I am not haunted with the constant fear of missing an important email or checking the latest Facebook update or the compulsion of staying connected with all and sundry. It is blissful …

My detox continues and so does my vacation … I needed a break from “life” and this break is addictive for I don’t feel like coming back to the hustle-bustle of Delhi. The hiatus from the city life has taught me the importance of disconnecting from the world and staying connected with myself. I could segregate the grain from chaff when it came to people. I discovered who is important and who isn’t … Importance came to defined in terms of being essential to who I am and not what I am or how I am. I am not back from the hills and I don’t intend to be back for sometime but as and when I shall have something to say, I will visit this sacred space of ours. This space is our property and no one but “us” can stake a claim in it.

Till now … My vacation is going great. I have gathered experiences of a lifetime and I shall gradually unfold them all over here. It has been wonderful and while I am dying to stay confined to anonymity and wilderness, I will be forced to get back. It will happen sometime next week and I shall then relive these gorgeous moments through my blog posts.

Life is good and we are all blessed …

Here is Sugarsatchet saying sayonara to her favourite bunch of people …




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