A World Without Religion …

While we were all busy celebrating the new year eve and bringing down 2017 with much glitter and fanfare, somewhere the cops and the para-medical staff was busy counting the dead and separating them from the injured … Yes … The end to one of the most miserable year was nothing short of a nightmare … Open firing in a nightclub in Istanbul left 39 dead and over 67 injured!  The only reason they were mutilated brutally is because of religion and religious beliefs … Worse was the manner in which the gunman shouted “Do not forget Aleppo. Do not forget Syria“!! Seriously … Can anyone in their right minds forget Syria? Aleppo? What happened in Syria in the name of religion is nothing short of cold blooded murder! Passion requires madness but religious fundamentalism requires coldness … One needs to be cold enough to manipulate and exploit the primary identity of most people in order to achieve political objectives. The aim is to spread fear like wildlife … Fear of being overtaken by an “imagined” powerful opponent. It is as if your religion is like a damsel in distress which requires to be rescued. My question is … If your God is an all pervasive, omnipresent, omnipotent force how come He requires rescuing?? Shouldnt it be the other way round? Your God must rescue you from paranoia, insecurity, hatred, intolerance, ignorance and imprudence. If your God is almighty, then it is He who needs to save you …

Religion has ruined many a lives. Maximum crimes are committed in the name of religion … Killing is seen as a deterrent to religious blasphemy … What irks me is why “killing” of any kind is not seen as blasphemy committed on human race? Why is there no religion which prohibits genocide in its own name? If there is God and if that God asks you to kill all those who do not believe that He is supreme … Then that God deserves to be thrown in the trash-bin! If your religion teaches you to kill and trample over the innocent and blacken the childhoods … Well, its better to stay without it!

Religion is the opium of the masses because most people who languish in poverty and hunger consider their religion to be their primary identity. For them, religion is more than just faith … It provides them their source of belonging … And when something as deadly, as vague and as ill-defined becomes your source of belonging then protecting it, defining it and polishing it becomes the sole purpose of your existence.

Religion took birth when science was still being discovered … With time, it should have faded … Unfortunately, with time, it has only assumed greater militant proportions. The more scientific advances we make, the more gumptious we are becoming towards saving our religion. It is as if our entire being is about proving to the world how protective we are towards something which took birth a million years ago …

Such ghastly acts of massacre have become so commonplace that they cease to stir us anymore … We have started seeing them as “routine business” of the fundamentalists who are trying to prove a point. As I opened my eyes on January 01, 2017, all I could see were Facebook updates in form of pictures and messages flaunting who went where and how champagne they consumed and how “cool” they are … Not one mourned the attack which has forever ruined January 31 for over a 100 people! And for what? Religion. And for whom? God.

Label me whatever you wish to … Accuse me of being an atheist … But if that is what religion does to be … I want to live in a world without religion.

Heres Sugarsatchet wishing her favourite bunch of people peace and love. Please spread love in the name of humanity and not God …

A Hopeful and Utopian … Sugarsatchet!!


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