Inferior Interior

Inferior Interior

Oceans are tempting. The thought of navigating through the oceans is even more enticing. But John had other plans. John Sprinkle, unlike other boys did not want to rule the Pacific … He, on the other hand, desired to be one with the ocean. He could not wait to turn 18 and enroll for sea diving lessons and become a licensed diver. Most boys his age wanted to be doctors and engineers … Take home hefty salaries … Marry the most beautiful damsel of the town … Own a big car and travel to Europe on vacations. John only wanted to dive. He wanted to see the insides of a sea. To him … Unearthing the interior of the sea bed was sort of a treasure hunt in which his only competitor was the sea wave. The sight of water made him frisson with anticipation … Two more years before he officially “befriended” the sea. His father had often spoken to John about joining the navy … After all, submarines performed the same function and the uniform would thus prove be an added incentive. John, couldnt disagree more with his father. He could never explain it him that he did not agree with the very philosophy of the navy. He never wanted to fight wars over water. “Underwater” is not a preposition … It is a noun with a definite ecosystem of its own … seaweed, water hyacinth, aquatic animals were just as important as the ecosystem on the terra-firma … The interior of the sea is just as significant, consequential and vital as the world outside the sea.

Time travels fast. Two years elapsed.

On his eighteenth birthday, John could not contain his excitement. He was all dressed up and decked up to enroll himself in the sea diving lessons. The pennies he had saved over the years had become pounds and now he could afford to pay his fee. 3 months of dedication and superior performance in the diving test will guarantee a lifetime of excitement. The ship wrecks and the tumults … The threat of whales and the endearing dolphins … The Kelps and the sticky weed … All awaited John!! Life had just begun for him …

And so on November 19 … He wore his best dress and the newest shoes which shone like the pole star …

He promptly reached the admission centre of “Sea Horse Diving School” and waited patiently for the receptionist to tend to him … He knew, he could not afford to let his excitement get better of him. Finally, the lady by the name of Ms. Lemon smiled at John indicating that it was his turn to fill up the form and pay for the classes. Ms. Lemon was a plump woman with a smiling rotund face. Her short curly hair and flowery flowing dress gave a pleasantly maternal air … With an encouraging smile she asked John … “Dear, have you brought your school completion certificate, a passport size photo, the cheque for the fee and the latest medical report certifying that you are fit to undertake these lessons?” …”Medical report?. But I was not aware that one had to undergo medical tests to enroll this course.” … “But of course dear. A young boy needs to be medically fit to be under water. It is neither safe nor advisable for the weaklings. But then you are robust young boy. It should not dishearten you. Neither should there be any hurdle for you to procure it.” … “Sure Ms. Lemon. I shall try to procure the same at the earliest.” … How could he miss such an important requirement? John admonished himself for being casual with something as serious as his passion … The punishment for such blatant oversight was a painful delay of another week.

For next 7 days, John underwent a battery of tests … His MRI, CT Scan, Lipid Profile, Liver Function Tests, tests for respiratory disorders etc. etc. He did not skip a single medical investigation in order to furnish the best possible reports to Ms. Lemon … After all, it was about the sea … With sea you have to see everything …

That day … John did not need the alarm to wake him up. The alarm woke up 40 minutes after John did. After performing the 3 Ss … Shit, Shave, Shower in less than a hour, he set out to meet Dr. Halford, his family doctor. “Ah Sprinkle! You are early my boy.” “Good morning Dr. Halford. I have come to collect my reports. I need to submit my medical report at Sea Horse Diving School.” “Yes my boy. But I would like to have a minute with you … Sit down, will you please.” … “Why is he insisting on wasting my time” thought John … “John, unfortunately, I cannot give you a clean chit as far as your reports are concerned. Your heart is not in the best of condition to take stress of any kind. I am afraid you will have to wait for another 6 months and put yourself on strict medication before I can certify that you are fit for any kind of physical activity.” “But I look fine Dr. Halford. I see no problem.” … “Exactly. You cant see the problem but your interior my boy is not as strong as the exterior. It is your interior which determines how healthy you are.”

John got up abruptly. He did not want to hear what was wrong with his interior. He only knew what was right with the interior of the sea and that he wanted to pierce through the sea water to reach it. He knew he would have to wait for before finally achieving his aim and as Dr. Halford had indicated, chances are that he might not be able to pursue his dream. But John did not wish to give birth to such a possibility … His interior might be inferior but his passion was superior and he was ready to wait yet another 6 months to achieve it … John was disheartened but he was not dejected. He knew he had to wait … Wait he must and patiently at that to meet his best friend.

7 months later

John studies at the night college and works as a part-time accountant. Dr. Halford did not give him a clean chit and John could not enroll in Sea Horse Diving School … His inferior interior did get better of him … Seas deep down are dark and John now knows that it is this darkness which has spilled over his dreams!!

With an air of superiority and the fear of an inferior interior … Your truly, Sugarsatchet!!

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