Flawed Feminism

A black, Muslim, lesbian is probably the worst victim of patriarchy. No one ever wrote about her and in all probability she does not even know that she is a lesbian for she was never allowed to be a person in her own right.

Literature surrounding the rights of women lacks an all-encompassing relevance. Sociologists, philosophers, jurists, historians, political scientists and every other group of intellectuals have written about how women need to be treated equal to men. However, what they have overlooked are the existing inequalities which exist within the female diaspora across the world. What is even more disappointing is the uni-dimensional manner in which they have looked at women’s issues. While dowry might not be an issue in Europe, it continues to be a glaring problem in Asia … Certain European countries have accepted homosexuality as an expression of one’s sexual orientation, however,countries like the United States of America, India, Islamic diaspora continue to target, alienate and victimize homosexuals … Child marriage is a horror Indian women continue to battle against whereas abortion rights are still viewed as a religious aberration in the West. Race continues to be a reality and women often consider themselves inadequate if they do not have the right color. Feminist jurisprudence does not address such issues and more. Equality is a concept which goes beyond its definition in law and political science … Equality is an emotion. To feel equal is to feel at par with the men in terms of treatment and opportunity which must be gender neutral. While women are seen as intelligent beings, how about they being seen as intelligent beings with experiences of their own and it is those experiences which need to be accommodated to address their issues.

If my work does not hold something for every single woman on this planet, it is superficial and incomplete. If my theory is not based on the findings arising out empirical and field research conducted in the remotest parts of the world then it is flawed.

Feminist jurisprudence as we know today suffers from all the aforementioned inadequacies … It is time one goes beyond the imperialism of the West and comes up with scholarship which is not only for the greatest good for the greatest number but the greatest good for every count …

PS: Sugar has, is and will belong to the feminine gender … With sugar and more … Sugarsatchet


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