Locks Tempted Him; Locks Rejected Him

Daily Prompt: Tempted

One last time. Only once … I promise to never touch them again” … Ibrahim promised himself … After all locks always tempted him. Big, heavy, pure metal … locks appeared foreboding to most people. But to Ibrahim locks were puzzles which had to be solved … codes which had to be broken into. How many children aspire to be a thief? Ibrahim wanted to be a thief and not because of the spoils of theft but because of the process of thieving.

When Ibrahim fell in love with Sanya little did he know that her locks shall replace the locks as his object of affection and attraction. Lovely girl with long cascading hair … Sanya was truly a delight in his arms who had made him swear to stay away from locks. However, when Orhan told him this morning about the tough, tall and tenacious police constable who had arrived in Ranikhet last night, Ibrahim could not stop himself. The tantalizing temptation was back and he wanted to break into Mr. Feroz Ansari apartment … Flirt with his locks (the steel ones), fondle its handle … its keyhole the hymen he wanted to break through his “tools” … Ibrahim was tempted to break that one last, dangerous devil … Establish his victory as the thief who loved locks but not lock-ups for he had successfully evaded arrest every single time.

After much trepidation, Ibrahim decided to break into Mr. Ansari’s house and that would also mean the pinnacle of his success for he would break the law in the territory of its guardian … Ibrahim then took Orhan into confidence and got readied with much alacrity to accomplish his last and final victory …

The duo decided to strike at night when the hills would be blanketed by the dark … At 10:30 pm when the entire city was fast asleep, Ibrahim and Orhan set out to conquer the lock of the man who held the keys to the maintenance of law and order in Ranikhet.

The wall of bungalow number 25 was easy to climb and the cobbled path leading to the main door was simple to tread … With gleaming eyes and toothy smiles they both navigated their way to the main door which looked solemnly locked … A tough iron lock hung from the latch daring the duo to break it …

After staring at it with satisfaction and apprehension, Ibrahim proceeded with his work … However, as luck would have it, Mr. Ansari’s lock proved to be his waterloo for Mr. Ansari had been forewarned about these “thieves for fun” and had consequently connected the lock with an alarm … The minute Ibrahim touched the lock, the alarm went off and out came the towering tall Ansari and running behind him his niece Sanya … Ibrahim was both scared and stunned to see her. He knew that no ventilator in the world could revive their relationship and he would finally see how the “lock up” looks like …

The next morning … Both Ibrahim and Orhan left the jail on bail and decided never to give into their temptation!!

Naughtiness personified … Sugarsatchet




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