My Love Affair with Binsar

As I sit next to the window sill gazing out into the dense fog, I am reminded of the tiger trails which I had tread two weeks before last. Eerily silent with a distinct smell of its own (I am tempted to use the word “fragrance” … But I dont given the savagery and dread associated with the animal), Binsar is known for its thick jungles which even the mightiest of the stars (read sunlight) cant pierce …

I first came to know about Binsar through a friend whose name I shall not mention for he is a guy who lives in a jungle and leads a life of complete anonymity and solitude. The minute he told me what the place holds, I couldnt help but get infatuated with the idea of travelling to Binsar. I am obsessed with the cat family … I am hopelessly, crazily, madly, fanatically attracted to felines … My tales of obsession are legendary but this blog post is not about that (I shall pen it down on some other day) …

In order to walk through the jungles, one has to be physically and mentally prepared to be attacked by leopards and tigers. Popularly known as a “bird sanctuary”, Binsar comes closer to being an abode for wild animals and multiple varieties of monkeys …

The place is not for the weak and nor is it meant for those suffering from any kind of physical handicap … Trekking 2.5 kms uphill into dense forests on rough & rugged terrains and then climbing down can take a toll even on the fittest persons. To add to that there is a distinct possibility of running in order to save oneself from being attacked by a wild animal. Hence, one has to be adequately and appropriately dressed and be alert at all times. While the trek can be exhausting both physically and mentally, it is one experience one must savor for it not only tests one’s tenacity but also gives one the feeling of living on the edge.

The phrase “The Bold and the Beautiful is meant for this place with exquisite beauty and danger …  

The experience of traveling to Binsar was nothing short of surreal. I have fallen deeply in love with it and nothing can take away from me the days I spent there … I felt one with the place, its wildness, its wilderness, its tranquility, its mystery, its ecosystem …

My stay at Binsar healed me … It repaired me from within. I felt alive after really long … It was as if someone had pumped life into me after a huge hiatus.

Traveling to Binsar is not an incident … It is an event which calls for a celebration of your oneness with the wild and your union with the danger.

My affair with Binsar has just begun and our love making shall never cease to be riveting and soul stirring ..

With all her love for Binsar and the wild … Sugarsatchet!!



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