Bloggers’ Recognition Award

Hey People …

I am fairly new to the world of blogging and hence given my limited experience, it is serendipitous to have been nominated for the Bloggers’ Recognition Award. It does not come as a surprise at all to have been nominated by your best friend for the same … Pradita Kapahi … Her blog The Pradita Chronicles is an extension of herself … Eva’s blog (well her nickname is Eva) is every bit entertaining, informative, witty and interesting as she is. I am absolutely in love with her Novellas and wish she wouldnt make us wait for the subsequent chapters …

I started blogging as a part of my therapy … I was undergoing intensive therapy for my rage and resentment issues and I needed a healthy outlet in order to vent out my anger …  As suggested by my therapist my first blog post took birth exactly 9 months back (strange … that is the time taken to deliver a child) … Thereafter due to the stress at my workplace and other personal issues, I had to abandon blogging altogether … And then once again when I found myself standing on the threshold of a life changing event (I shifted back to Delhi) I needed to flush out my old self … Thus was born Mumbai of Many Firsts … Ever since then blogging became my therapy. It gave me what I needed … My own space!! With over 2000 views, 1191 visitors, 58 followers I built a small world of my own … In this big bad world, I now own my own world where I can express without the fear of being held in contempt … A place where I can interact with all those who reach out to me and I can cherry pick those I wish to reach out to … Blogging gave me a new identity … Something I was searching for long …

As for those who are new to the world of blogging … Well, join the gang people!! Let blogging be all about you … Your agony, your opinions, your voice, your identity, your dreams, your setbacks, your thoughts and your expressions! Make it your space and let this space not become a part of the rat race which has consumed us all. Let it be sacred and please pour yourself into it … Write fearlessly and without the expectation of being appreciated … Please dont make it yet another forum for seeking approval. Just be happy about being able to write …

I can think of at least a 1000 bloggers who I wish to nominate for the Bloggers Recognition Award … Unfortunately, I have to limit myself to 15 and those 15 bloggers are:

  1. The Pradita Chronicles 
  2. HarSH ReaLiTy
  3. Let me give You the Moe-down  
  4. A Bliss of Birds 
  5. Chai & Biscuits
  6. Rationalising the Universe
  7. Freedomborn … Aussie Christian Focus
  8. Girl And World
  9. A Homemakers World by Ruchi Sharma 
  10. A Child of Cynicism
  11. Dave Barclay 1954
  12. Becoming the Oil and Wine
  13. Bakes from Hackney Kitchen
  14. Shivashish Speaks
  15. Through the Coloured Glass

Thank you once again for being a part of my world … Stay glued and stay happy … Much love … Sugarsatchet!



  1. Thank you for nominating me. This is the first time for me and I am truly honored. I enjoy reading your blog also. You are a great writer. I have reblogged this post and share on twitter

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    1. Here’s wishing many more nominations for you! People who write are least destructive because they have a healthy expression of all their negative emotions. Keep writing and keep spreading love … Take care

      Liked by 1 person

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