Dylan S. Roof? Present Ma’am

I woke up to great news this morning … Dylann Roof sentenced to death for having committed over thirty-three federal crimes!! The American jury could beyond the apparent whiteness of Roof and try him solely for his act of brutal murder and manslaughter.

On June 17, 2015, Dylan S. Roof went on a rampage with the intention of starting a war against the corruption by the blacks (He shot 9 people) … A 21 year old “white” boy (and this time I intend to be racist) took it upon himself to spring clean his country and so he chose the place which holds special significance for the blacks in the United States in order kick-start what he labelled as “taking bravery to the real world”.

What made Dylan commit such a ghastly act? Who sowed the seed of such deep hatred in him? Who taught him to differentiate, distinguish and discriminate people on the basis of the color of their skin? The jury did the right thing but did not ask the right questions … At this juncture it is important to ask the right questions! When the country with third largest population in the world votes for a man who personifies racial discrimination its time to ask questions.

While I am relieved that my faith in judiciary did not shatter, I am perturbed that my faith in humanity and human choices has begun shaking … Will Dylan’s death (sentence) don as a deterrent for others? Are there any other Dylans waiting to unleash their repulsion on those who are painted differently from them? Dylans are not born … They are made. Broken family, abusive parents, deep-seated resentment against those who “appear” to be different from them, fragile political climate, highly polarized society, historical negationism, glorifying the hate crimes of the past and attempting to revive organizations such as  Ku Klux Klan made Dylan who he is today.

The world is increasingly embracing the right of every ideology without realizing that the right of an ideology is not right … The right of the ideology cannot serve as the new thesis. Political scientists have not been able to coin a word for the new world order which is one of increasing compartmentalization on the basis of social, political, religious, racial, ideological, economic and sexual identity … It is imperative to belong to the “right” identity to feel safe and secure … Any aberration from the accepted norm and you are under threat of being cleansed by the likes of Roof.

Dylan Roof is not a person … He is an ideology which needs to be nipped in the bud. Imagine a world in which you are targeted for being who you are and not for what you do or have done … Imagine a world in which identity is bestowed upon you and not chosen by you … Imagine a world in which the right decides whats wrong and the wrong is invariably synonymous with”different” … Imagine a world where life is in order because it is led like an order … Imagine being painted as myrmidons and not as myriads … Imagine!! Suddenly color evaporated? Right? But this what we wanted all along … Disappearance of color!! Suddenly it all became still? But did we not want restore to status quo!! Suddenly it all became very dull and boring? Who wanted excitement anyway … Suddenly romance came to an end? But then arent we trying to produce rational, logical individuals … Suddenly all seems to be the same? Right? But that is what the right always does … Annihilate Antithesis!! Its time we embrace our differences … Lets kill the Dylan in us! Let us sentence him to death …

May Dylan S. Roof rest in peace … both as a person and as an ideology …

Heres Sugarsatchet wishing peace to all and for all!!

Much love





  1. This interesting piece reminded me of the drastically racist The Birth of a Nation (the older version) and the Central Park 5 documentary, both of which deal with the polar opposites of racism in America and how it’s shifted and how its basis has ALWAYS been economical. You have to check these two pieces of movie art on Netflix or if you want, I can send you the links. The case of the Roof boy here, is but the tip of the iceberg.

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    1. I completely agree … Our favourite Gone with the Wind also has shades of racism being an outcome of economic avarice … I shall watch the two you mentioned …
      PS: Cant help being my boring self .. lol

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      1. Girl, this isn’t boring! This is electrifying because when you read about these things and how it still exists in a supposedly ‘advanced’ nation, you feel there never was,never will be any real hope for humanity.

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  2. But there isn’t … We are what we are because of our choices and off late we are choosing militancy over mediation, segregation over integration, coercion over consent and revenge over resolve … It’s depressing! I can’t believe a boy threw away a promising future in the land of opportunities to avenge for something which existed but in his head! Can’t seem to stop writing against such abomination … Anyway … Thanks for reading such stressful stuff! Love you


    1. Well … I am glad you liked it! This has been bothering me since last year and I was waiting for his trial to end. I am against death penalty but then in this case it was required. Thanks once again. Much love


      1. I feel sorry for him … He is a victim of his own rage. It’s alright to not agree with the presence of blacks in your country … It’s your opinion and your are entitled to one but the minute opinion transforms into force, you have lost the battle. You don’t like blacks? Don’t interact with them … But killing them mercilessly is a punishable offence! Violence cannot be justified …

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