Some things last forever …

When Sheldon wrote one of his most popular books Nothing Lasts Forever little did he know that the popularity of the title will outlive that of the book. Does anything in this world last forever? Yes. Some things do last forever … Memories of our childhood last forever, blessings last forever, history has lasted over 5000 years … Some things never die … The tales of bravery and valor of those who protect us will last forever and so will the freshness of works written by Shakespeare … Mozart’s music … Beauty of Beethoven’s symphonies will last forever. The dance of death and the sanguinary during the not so great wars will haunt us forever … The remembrances of the Renaissance will forever inspire the mankind … The fight for liberty and equality in the French Revolution, the time when democracy first found voice at a global level (the American Revolution) will be forever talked about … Greatness of people who are not with us anymore and the greatness of those yet to be born shall stay with us forever … Life is forever and over here I am not referring to human life  … I mean any form of life … Life is forever! Never will there be a time when precious moments and memories and their memoirs in our hearts will cease to breathe. Things which last forever have a body of their own … They wrinkle and not wither with time … The redolence of their flesh and blood never denigrates into stench … They are meant to be felt and cherished like apricity and keep us warm and cosy in times of despair and despondency … The present hugger-mugger world order requires us to stay close to such warmth … It is as if the never-ending winters have just begun … These winters arent those of White Christmas and hollies … Winters are of brumal blizzards and dark nights and things which last forever will blanket us and hold us tight when such winters knock on your door …

Let us create more to last more … Lets spread the warmth to generate warmth … Let things which are meant to last forever, do last forever …

Heres wishing you all tonnes of love, tenderness and warmth … Sugarsatchet!! (Mix only one sachet of sugar in your favourite drink and gulp it down)



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