Women in World War Three??

Should there be Third World War will Women participate in it?“… This question popped in my head last night when Abhijeet (my husband) and I were watching “Fury” … War movies happens to be our favourite genre in films (no prizes for guessing why) … And while watching the film I asked him … “Do you think women will fight should there be third world war (God forbid)?” … To which he replied … “Yes. Women will fight. In fact it will come as no surprise to me if there are special women contingents. But they will not participate in man-to-man combat … That will not happen given their physical limitations.” … This answer got me thinking … In a way I was extremely proud of his response … I was elated that he did not regard women as “spoils of war” but as beings capable of fighting … I was happy to see the change in the attitude of those who adorn the uniforms for they are brainwashed to believe that chivalry and chauvinism go hand in hand … The fact that the two are and can be mutually exclusive is an idea alien to most men! The change was welcoming but the later half of his response was unsettling and unfortunately true … When it comes to facing the enemy … women are not considered physically capable (or temperamentally belligerent enough) of doing so! I could understand where is he coming from but then I realized that it is not him or men … It is us women who let ourselves go after getting married or delivering babies or hitting menopause. We have never pushed ourselves to take up martial arts, karate, stamina-strength training, weight lifting etc. Apart from Equestrian Sports and Sailing there are no other forms of sports where men and women compete together (These two are known as the “Mixed Gender Sports”. Please do not confuse it with “Mixed Gender Sports Events” such as the Mixed Doubles in Tennis and Table Tennis) … Men have traditionally looked at women and Women have traditionally looked at themselves as physically inferior to men … If women were to be given the same kind of training and were taught to celebrate their biological differences instead of looking at them as tools for gaining sympathy, things would have been different today.

I dont know how world will look like 100 years from now … But I hope by then women are looked upon as beings who are physically, mentally, emotionally and psychologically equal to men …

And should there be a third world war (once again … GOD FUCKING FORBID!!!) I hope women arent looked upon as spoils of war but as weapons of war which capable of inflicting pain and damage should their modesty be outraged and territory encroached …

Heres wishing all my fellow female folks strength and courage … Love Sugarsatchet!!

Picture Credits: http://www.thelatestnews.com/the-lunacy-of-women-soldiers/ (The reason for selecting this picture is because of the article that follows … I STRONGLY CONDEMN SUCH VIEWS)




    1. Sweetheart … They have been fighting for long now … I was referring to a physical combat with men … I am so proud of women who take it upon themselves to stand up against all odds and prove it to the world that they cannot be taken lightly … I am sure you are one such special woman

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  1. First of, I totally LOVE the movie Fury…. Secondly I think the day will come soon when women will fight shoulder to shoulder and even against men. They are already being recruited in armies and some are drafted compulsorily into it.

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  2. I do agree that women should be beyond just “spoils” of wars or be treated as collateral damage, but, to give us some credit, patriarchy and the mindset of people since thousands of years ensure that MMA and combat training aren’t our first options to pick as hobbies.

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