Overworked? Yes … Over? No.

Daily Prompt

With each passing day his condition worsened … He desperately needed rehabilitation. His intoxication was consuming him and was gradually pushing him towards extinction.

Life had happened to him in the gentlest manner possible. The world was his to conquer and he was blessed with an agile mind in a strong body to achieve the pinnacle of success. He could have lived longer had he chosen not to be enslaved by avarice … He could have been healthier had he not been subservient to his dreams and desires. Life could have been different for him and those around him.

She was tired of clearing his mess … She who had loved him with such obsession could not help but mourn over his condition. She who had once ruled her queen-dom with much pride and fierceness was reduced to a serf. She was now preparing to kill him … In her world euthanasia was legal … She was law unto herself and she knew it was time to reclaim her rightful place and position. She knew it would be sanguine and brutal … slow and miserable …

She had been a mute spectator to all his doings … Her gentle reminders were the storms he deflected in his laughter … The quakes of anger he never chose to placate … He skillfully swam through the flood of her tears and her cl(out)d bursts of emotion never choked him.

He had been born as a result of her love for art … She wanted to give birth to perfection … Her penchant for flawlessness blinded her towards the follies and faults of her creation … And now for over 2 millennia she has only been undoing the damage he has caused … Mother Nature for sure is overworked.

Lets give her a break for she needs one …

Overflowing with love … Sugarsatchet!!


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