May you be the mother of 100 daughters

One of the oldest scriptures in India, the Mahabharata is a saga of family feud, war, betrayal, statecraft, kinship and feminism! As I pen this down I can only imagine the expressions of my readers … Feminism? Mahabharata? One of the first portrayals of a woman being publicly humiliated? Am I in my right mind? … Yes. I am. Mahabharata was and is essentially about Feminism.

Mahabharata began when a woman chose to maintain absolute silence on her action of killing her newborns … That woman who extracted promise from her husband, abandoned him when he exercised his right to question her decision! The seeds of the deadliest of all battles were sown by the woman who vowed to avenge her rejection by the prince who abducted her forcibly and then refused to make an honest woman out of her … It is the story of a blind man whose wife was blessed with 100 sons but could not see even one of them flourish for they had misbehaved with one woman! The story of a man’s valor who learnt the art of fighting the deadly circle of deceit in his mother’s womb because of her astute understanding of the war games! Mahabharata was about women … women made the men fight the most illustrious wars in the Hindu mythology …

The blessing … “May you be the mother of 100 sons” turned out to be the biggest curse in the history of mankind! Not one even one son out of those 100 survived to look after the woman who kept them all in her womb …

While we all wish our women to give birth to sons, let us now modulate that a bit and wish them all to give birth to strong, solid daughters … Daughters who are powerful enough to run the world as they run their families; to be ruthless but not merciless; to be firm yet not rigid; to be compassionate without being manipulative; to nourish without being parasitic … May you be the mother of 100 daughters!!

Heres from a proud woman to all her fellow women … Sugarsatchet wishes you all more power and strength!

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  1. its a woman who carries the whole generation in her womb and its a woman who decides whether to bring next generation in this world or not… yet, women have never been treated equally. I endorse your view that “wish them all to give birth to strong, solid daughters.

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