Criticize Me … I am available

En route Daily Prompt: Criticize

Lost Lots. Found Few. Horridly Hurt. Bled. Ruptured. 

Smile my love for you do not have the luxury of moping forever,

Get up and brush your backside off for you cant mourn any further

Yes … I know the pain

Of dreams dying not for want but by slain.

Your cookie was taken away by those who did not know what it tastes like 

Your path to success blocked by emotional blackmail and turnpike. 

Those who clinched what you abandoned have emerged winners

You on the other hand imagine them all smirk n snigger.

The torture you subject yourself to, for being compliant

Feasts on you like locust

The agony of being devoured and eaten away

By those you trust. 

Gulp down your defeat and do not you utter a word, 

For out will come the sword,

Of noble intentions and love,

Dipped in critique and loathe,

Sharp and piercing like foxglove.

Take it in your stride they say

Search for optimism, look for perspective 

Count your blessings and Move on in life

And you take it all in. Quietly. 

For they are oblivious to your tears and strife. 

You stand in the queue waiting for your turn 

Praying you dont skedaddle,

You continue to remain at it 

Albeit with trepidation,

Holding firm on your spaddle. 

“You cant give in, not just yet”, 

With these hollow words of consolation,

When they encourage you to play along 

You know you will continue to do so

Without ever revealing your real emotion. 

Your exhaustion will be invisible

So shall your tears, 

And you will hear yourself say … “Darling you cant give up”

Despite the tepid, 

While dispelling your fears … 

Much love … Sugarsatchet

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    1. Thanks a tonne. But I really want to … I am tired to facing rejections and failures. Also, I hate when people tell me to be grateful for what I have … Especially those who cant take even slightest of failures in life. I am glad you liked my poem. Much love … Sugarsatchet

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      1. the castles of life… built on the pillars of failures….are the strongest….they will never let you down ever….a failure teaches you a lesson….never to be forgotten….learn….and move forward….

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