May you stay drunk!

I am a recluse and therefore, attending any kind of social event takes a toll on me. I cant get myself to “fit-in” and no matter how hard I try, it always makes me edgy towards the end. The party ends with my turning sourpuss. Period.

Off late I have started analyzing those I meet at the party … Their mannerisms, their expressions, the contradiction between what they say and what they want to convey … More often than not their bodies speak diametrically opposite to what they are saying. Further, upon the consumption of alcohol, this contradiction denigrates into aggression, gasconader, high decibel verbal diarrhoea and bouts of emotional indigestion. Alcohol is seen as a tool to release pent-up emotions … Inebriation then becomes an excuse to misbehave for the alcoholics claim complete failure of memory and hence get away with their uncouth and brash behaviour.

Crimes committed in the state of intoxication are often viewed as lacking sufficient malice and those with devious tendencies can bring out their true selves using as alcohol as a lamp-post to lean on … For such people alcohol becomes the shield behind which they can justify themselves. The acts of domestic violence, the incidents of child abuse, road rage, accidents, physical fights, heated powwows etc. etc. … are usually condoned if committed under the influence of alcohol.

Dont call me a hypocritical when I say I absolutely enjoy alcohol … I love my glass of red wine at the end of a long day but I know where to draw the line which most of my alcoholic friends dont … For some alcohol becomes the ticket to take them to their la-la-land and for some a ticket to their reverie … Some treat it like an emotional muscle relaxant and some consume it to give them company when they take a trip down the memory lane. Alcohol means several things to several people … And it is seldom to find two people whose choices and reasons for consuming it are same. However, what remains unchanged is the love people have for it …

For those who consume alcohol … Stay hammered but stay sane. For those who dont … Try it for sheer “kick” …

With love … Sugarsatchet!



  1. Strong words but true!!

    *Warmest Regards* *Manish Thapar* *Economics Faculty* *(91) 9920672716*

    All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end. -Robin Sharma

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