Early Morning Class …

I have been a nocturnal all my life. I usually wear my thinking hat after 10 pm and can practically solve any problem irrespective of it’s magnitude. However, when Henaa’s Language School was born, I had to start early in the morning in order to offer flexibility of attending classes to my students. Most of them prefer to take classes early in the morning … Often as early as 6:30 am. Anyhow, I am tired and groggy at that hour and my body craves sleep … My mind becomes an obstinate child and simply refuses to comply. But then, when you have got to go, you have got to go. I don’t let anything deter me from waking up. There have been occasions when I have reminded myself of my goals and how this attitude will prevent me from getting ahead in life. However, there have been times when despite all my pursuation it has refused to listen to me and taken over me completely. On such occasions I have had to counsel my own body … Tried to explain it to her that an early morning class simply means there is work to be done and that there are people who are willing to travel all the way to come to this place only to learn. It is then that it relents. Thus, my early morning class has taught me the most …

Will continue to share with you my experiences as an entrepreneur … My journey has been amazing hitherto. I believe I am the most regular student of my school for I learn every single day …

Have a great Sunday …

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